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Goad Intro - Brittney and Emily Final Video Recording - Mon May 01 2023 10:47:02 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

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Jazz Combos Concert - 4/25/23

Tuesday, April 25 UCO Jazz Combos UCO Jazz Lab 7:00 pm Jacobson Jazz Repertory Combo - Garrett Jacobson, director Jeannine ...................................................................... Duke…

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Jesse Battice - Musical Theatre Recital

School of Music Student Jesse Battice presents a musical theatre recital at the UCO Jazz Lab, April 10th, 2023

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Jazz Ensembles Concert - 3/27/23

Monday, March 27 - UCO Jazz Ensembles UCO Jazz Lab - 7:00 pm Special Guest: Deer Creek High School Jazz Ensemble Darby Cassady, director Jazz Ensemble 4 - Zac Lee, director Las Vegas…

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Jazz Ensembles -11/28/22

The School of Music presents UCO Jazz Ensembles I and IV with special guest Shawnee High School Jazz Ensemble at the UCO Jazz Lab

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QuadCast 11/18/2022

Check out this week's QuadCast episode! There's some news about the Housing 'Dec the Halls' competition, plus the winner of Marcus' sticker collection is announced!

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The Dangers of Singing - 11/11/22

THE DANGERS OF SINGING Tragic Tales of Vocal Pedagogical Woe Presented by UCO Opera and the UCO School of Music Stage Directors: Rob Glaubitz and Molly Johnson Music Director: Megan…

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QuadCast 9/2/2022

Welcome back to Season 2 of the QuadCast - A weekly briefing for all things Quad! In this episode Marcus welcomes people back to the Quad and announces a couple of things to look for in September and…

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The Enchanted Forest - 2/27/22

UCO Opera and The School of Music present "The Enchanted Forest" an opera for children at Radke Fine Arts Theatre

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Jazz Ensembles Concert - 2/7/22 Part 1

The School of Music presents UCO Jazz Ensemble IV and special guest Idabel High School Jazz Ensemble. NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, the performance of UCO Jazz Ensemble I is not viewable from…

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Tahlon Brahic - Junior Recital

School of Music Student Tahlon Brahic presents a Junior Jazz Piano Recital at the UCO Jazz Lab

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Denim Daze Fashion Show 2020 - Live Stream

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Freshman Convocation Fall 2019

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