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BIO 3303 worksheet instruction

Instruction for makeup of the BIO 3303 library instruction session.

From  Aaron Sterba 8 plays

Truncation and phrase searching

From  Jean Longo 26 plays

Brainstorm keywords.mp4

From  Jean Longo 36 plays

Boolean commands

From  Jean Longo 24 plays

Scholarly Articles - Mass Communications

A short video on scholarly articles and how to find them using the library's databases.

From  Jennifer Flygare 66 plays

CINAHL Advanced Search Strategy

Nursing department search strategy.

From  Jean Longo 34 plays

CINAHL Basic Search

How to do a basic search in CINAHL.

From  Jean Longo 21 plays

A QwestTV Overview

A brief how-to video for navigating the Qwest TV database.

From  Christine Edwards 15 plays

Digital Theatre Plus Overview

A brief overview and searching tips for the Digital Theatre Plus database.

From  Christine Edwards 50 plays

Basic Searching

Searching for articles using Central Search and the Education Research Complete database.

From  Jennifer Flygare 217 plays

How to Search in NewsBank

Searching for news items in NewsBank.

From  Jean Longo 7 plays

PsycInfo Advanced Search

Learn how to use features of advanced search in PsycInfo, like the thesaurus and limiting to empirical studies.

From  Aaron Sterba 15 plays

CINAHL Advanced Search

Video of advanced search in CINAHL

From  Jean Longo 9 plays

CINAHL Basic Search

How to do a basic search in CINAHL.

From  Jean Longo 41 plays

Nexis Uni Company Info

How to find company information in the NexisUni database

From  Jennifer Flygare 27 plays

Central Search Basics Tutorial

How to use Central Search

From  Jennifer Flygare 342 plays