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Wind Symphony: "S Curves Ahead!" - 11/30/23

UCO Wind Symphony Presents: “S Curves Ahead!” -- Scott Erickson -- Schoenberg -- A Sweet Suite -- Saxophones! -- Scramjet -- Street Song -- Schmitt  -- 7:30 PM, November 30,…

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Xinyu Pan-Herrington - Graduate Recital

School of Music Student Xinyu Pan-Herrington presents a Graduate Recital at the UCO Jazz Lab, April 30th, 2023

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Wind Symphony - Self-Forgetting-At-Oneness With Music

The UCO Wind Symphony performs a concert titled Self-Forgetting-At-Oneness With Music at Mitchell Hall Theatre

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Denver King - Musical Theatre Recital

The School of Music presents a Musical Theatre Recital presented by UCO Student Denver King at Radke Fine Arts Theatre.

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