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Siamyra Lab #3

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Adam lab#3

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Laura Pistorius Lab #3

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College of Education and Professional Studies Awards 4-22-2022

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Jordan Jerles Lab#3

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Adam- Sales Lab #2

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Dr. Wei Chen - Cancer Treatment Seminar 3-01-2019

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Carlos Evans - Tall Oak Midstream 10-12-17

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Shaken Baby Syndrome - The Oklahoma Innocence Project 4-11-2016

Shaken Baby Syndrome: How an un-validated medical hypothesis leads to miscarriages of justice in criminal and family courts. Dr. Waney Squier is a consultant neuropathologist to the Oxford…

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Three Minute Thesis - 3-10-2016

Three Minute Thesis recorded on March 10, 2016 on UCO at the Virginia Lamb Room. UCO Jackson College of Graduate Studies

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