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Second Street Singers - 4/16/24

The School of Music presents the Second Street Singers in concert at the UCO Jazz Lab, April 16th, 2024.

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Kuleshov Competition 2024 - Guest Artist Nadejda Vlaeva

The School of Music hosts the 2024 International Kuleshov Piano Competition. Guest adjudicator Nadejda Vlaeva performs a recital at Radke Fine Arts Theatre, on April 12th.

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Cheer and Dance 3-08-2024 (2)

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Cheer and Dance 3-08-2024 (1)

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Cheer and Dance Competition - 2023 Spring (Full Recording)

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Jazz Combos - 10/2/23

Monday, October 2 UCO Jazz Combos UCO Jazz Lab 7 p.m. Lee Jazz Repertory Combo, Zac Lee – Director This is For Albert Wayne Shorter Hammerhead Wayne Shorter Kelo J.J. Johnson The…

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Freshman Convocation 2017

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Vocal Jazz Concert - 11/14/22

Fall 2022 Vocal Jazz Concert Second Street Singers PROGRAM Misty Erroll Garner Kody Clark, tenor Seven Nation Army The White Stripes Sarah Munsell, mezzo-soprano El Bodguero Richard…

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Musical Theatre - New Broncho Showcase - 2022

Join us for the annual New Broncho Showcase, a variety show featuring UCO Musical Theatre's newest talent singing and dancing their hearts out!

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Chief Jeff Harp UCO Tribute

UCO Police Services

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Freshman Convocation Fall 2022

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Kuleshov Competition - Ralph Votapek

The School of Music presents the Kuleshov Competition, featuring a series of three guest artist recitals and a showcase recital for the Competition's winner. This concert features Guest Artist…

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FACS - Brisch Center - 10 HIP Years

The School of Music presents the Faculty Artist Concert Series featuring the Brisch Center for Historical Performance performing a program entitled "10 HIP Years and Counting" at the UCO…

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UCO Fashion Show 10-28-2021-720p

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Freshman Convocation Fall 2021

Friday August 20, 2021

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Jazz Ensembles - 4/27/21

The School of Music presents UCO Jazz Ensembles IV and II in concert at the Nigh University Center.

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ESG/Public Health Club Follow-up Game Night Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 98607758636 UUID: 1iVjcYX/TkCodaSM1bkxKQ== Meeting Time: 2021-03-24T21:59:46Z

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Jazz Ensembles Concert - 2/24/21

The School of Music presents the Jazz Ensembles in concert. This concert features Jazz Ensemble I with an opening by the Jazz Composers Combo in the Nigh University Center Ballrooms.

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Freshman Convocation Fall 2019

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TEDxUCO 2017 - Promo 1

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