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UCO's Delegate and Distinguished Dinner 4-25-2024

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UCO History Panel 4-24-2024

"Being Reflective of Our History" President Emeritus George Nigh, President Emeritus Roger Webb and Patti Loughlin, moderated by President Todd G. Lamb

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Max Chamber Library 130 Anniversary Event 4-30-2024

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Presidential Inauguration Investiture: Todd G. Lamb 4-26-2024

Friday April 26, 2024 2:00pm-3:00pm

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Black Male Summit 2024 - Morning Session (3-27-2024)

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2024 UCO Athletics Academic Awards Ceremony

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The Evolution of Women's Sports at UCO 3-12-2024

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Black Girl Magic Event - Spring 2024

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Winter Glow Lightning Ceremony 12-01-2023

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2023 Years of Service Celebration

Monday October 30th 2023 1:30-3:00pm

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Julio Mata Receives Pat Fennell Staff Appreciation Award at Primeros Pasos Conference 10-18-2023

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UCO Fashion Show 10-18-2023 - Livestream

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2024 Open Enrollment Meeting (UCO Facilitated)

During this meeting, all plans for 2024 will be discussed in detail. Additionally, there will be time for questions at the end.

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Distinguished Alumni Awards Banquet 9-28-2023

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Back to the Benefit Basics

Open Enrollment can be a stressful time for many, as navigating the system and understanding the jargon of healthcare can be complex and confusing. In preparation for Open Enrollment, the UCO…

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Benefits Forum Fall 2023

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Dr. John Barthell Pollinator Garden Dedication 9-15-2023

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Freshman Convocation 2017

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Faculty & Staff Convocation Fall 2023

Program Start Time: 9:00am CT August 15th

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UCO Chad Richison Stadium Renovation

Visit the University of Central Oklahoma! Founded in 1890, this university in the heart Edmond, OK is one of the oldest universities in the southwest region of the United States. Check out the…

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Max Chambers Library - Innovation Studio Overview (2023)

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Spring 2023 - College of Liberal Arts

5/13/23 6:00pm

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Spring 2023 - College of Business & College of Fine Arts & Design

10 a.m. Saturday, May 13: College of Business and College of Fine Arts and Design.

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Spring 2023 - Jackson College of Graduate Studies

7 p.m. Friday, May 12: JCGS

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