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How to use the library

From  Jennifer Flygare 10 plays

ESFR 5013 Research Guide

This video shows how to access the ESFR 5013 research guide and key components of that guide, such as recommended databases, how to locate empirical studies, and how to conduct a literature review.

From  Christine Edwards 35 plays

BIO 1204 Library Worksheet

A brief overview of the library worksheet for BIO 1204

From  Aaron Sterba 32 plays

Scholarly Articles - Mass Communications

A short video on scholarly articles and how to find them using the library's databases.

From  Jennifer Flygare 131 plays

Simmons Insights

How to run a query in Simmons Insights

From  Jean Longo 107 plays

CINAHL Searching

How to search in CINAHL

From  Jean Longo 96 plays

UCO Chamber Library Databases

Information about our database and different ways to limit types of databases.

From  Jean Longo 41 plays

Research Guides

A short tour of the library's Research Guides

From  Jennifer Flygare 47 plays

Basic Searching

Searching for articles using Central Search and the Education Research Complete database.

From  Jennifer Flygare 307 plays

JSTOR Basic Search

From  Jennifer Flygare 88 plays

Find Metropolitan Library Databases

Locate databases for research through the Metropolitan Library System website.

From  Aaron Sterba 21 plays

Mintel Basic Search

Getting started with the Mintel database.

From  Jennifer Flygare 82 plays

UCO JoVE Student Walk Through

From  Jennifer Flygare 7 plays

CINAHL Basic Search

How to do a basic search in CINAHL.

From  Jean Longo 41 plays

Web of Science

How to perform a basic search in the Web of Science database.

From  Jennifer Flygare 41 plays

CoIT 2019 - Crystal Heard 5-21-19

From  Rogelio Almeida 19 plays


How to perform a basic search in the Mintel database.

From  Jennifer Flygare 17 plays

Project Muse

Conduct a basic search in Project Muse

From  Jennifer Flygare 13 plays

Mental Measurements Yearbook

How to search the Mental Measurements Yearbook database.

From  Jennifer Flygare 141 plays