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Video Recording - Thu Dec 08 2022 12:25:05 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

Tag and Ethan

From  vsales1 vsales1 1 plays

Scholarly Articles - Mass Communications

A short video on scholarly articles and how to find them using the library's databases.

From  Jennifer Flygare 80 plays

FSI & STEM - Integrated Solution Demo

From  Adri Edwards-Johnson 10 plays

UCO Extended Classroom - Fall 2020

From  Rogelio Almeida 617 plays

JSTOR Basic Search

From  Jennifer Flygare 65 plays

Nexis Uni Getting Started

Basic search in Nexis Uni

From  Jennifer Flygare 21 plays

CINAHL Basic Search

How to do a basic search in CINAHL.

From  Jean Longo 41 plays

Nexis Uni Company Info

How to find company information in the NexisUni database

From  Jennifer Flygare 30 plays

Central Search Basics Tutorial

How to use Central Search

From  Jennifer Flygare 376 plays