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Boeing Press Conference 12-07-2023

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Wind Symphony: "S Curves Ahead!" - 11/30/23

UCO Wind Symphony Presents: “S Curves Ahead!” -- Scott Erickson -- Schoenberg -- A Sweet Suite -- Saxophones! -- Scramjet -- Street Song -- Schmitt  -- 7:30 PM, November 30,…

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Jazz Ensembles Concert - 4/27/23

Thursday, April 27 - UCO Jazz Ensembles UCO Jazz Lab - 7:00 p.m. Special Guest: Moore High School Jazz Ensemble 1 Jazz Ensemble 3 - Ryan Sharp, director Front Burner…

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FACS - New Music for Horn

The School of Music presents the Faculty Artist Concert Series, featuring Dr. Peggy Moran performing a program titled "New Music for Horn" at the UCO Jazz Lab.

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Faculty & Staff Convocation Fall 2022

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Shanglin Jia - Junior Recital

The School of Music presents a student Junior Recital by Shanglin Jia, piano.

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Faith Clarke - Junior Recital

The School of Music presents a student Junior Recital by Faith Clarke, violin

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Grant Writing Interview

Zoom Recording ID: 97921620554 UUID: RkWAmFqNTlqUZVYk5SThZA== Meeting Time: 2021-02-26T19:57:12Z

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Dr. Peter Gitau: Faculty and Staff Forum

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Dr. Peter Gitau: Student Forum

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Kendra Horn: January 2020 Town Hall

Congresswoman Kendra Horn held a town hall meeting on UCO campus to discuss the ongoing problem of student loan debt.

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Hamilton Fieldhouse Addition Grand Opening 11-06-2019

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Black Male Summit 2018 - Lunch and Awards (3-28-2018)

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The Sandwich Generation - Paul Taylor

The Sandwich Generation with Keynote Paul Taylor, recorded at Constitution Hall in UCO on March 09, 2016

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