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QuadCast 3/1/2024

Show Notes...Shout out:This week I’ve got a shoutout to Paighton Barnes for helping put together the Smash Tournament last night in the Quad Lobby. There was a big turnout. Thanks for your hard…

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QuadCast 11/17/2023

Episode Notes:Shout outs: This week I’ve got a shoutout submitted for Minji Cho for “being a great pod mate and friend. As well as being a positive influence in my…

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QuadCast 9/8/2023

Episode Notes:Shout outs: Shoutout for "Munches" of 3rd North. And a personal shoutout to the entire 3rd West hallway! Submit your own shoutouts here! Things you need to know:Don’t…

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QuadCast 1/27/2023

First episode of the new year! We are back and have got fun things planned for this semester!

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