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Kiersten Snodgrass Sales Lab#3

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Morgan Self #3

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Jordan Jerles Lab#3

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Dylan Walker Lab #3

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Jazz Combos - 4/19/22

The School of Music presents the UCO Jazz Combos in concert at the UCO Jazz Lab. This concert features the Geib Jazz Repertory Combo, the Borycki Jazz Repertory Combo and the Latin/Fusion Jazz Combo.

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Adam- Sales Lab #2

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Leadership Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 92883243787 UUID: lOhAT9u+Td+aQMr6NclURA== Meeting Time: 2021-04-15T22:03:23Z

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Leadership Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 92883243787 UUID: okom8XteQCKBF5ccQhXtMg== Meeting Time: 2021-04-01T22:02:56Z

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ESG/Public Health Club Follow-up Game Night Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 98607758636 UUID: 1iVjcYX/TkCodaSM1bkxKQ== Meeting Time: 2021-03-24T21:59:46Z

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College of Liberal Arts - Portable Extended Classroom

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D2L Webex Integration - Logging Out & Reauthorizing

This video describes the process for logging out of the Webex spaces within D2L and then logging back in to reauthorize the tool. *For Instructors Only*

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Virtual Walkthrough - Student Workers & Moderators

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Integrated Solution - Using the HDMI Cord to Attach a Laptop or Tablet

This video provides an overview of how to use a laptop or tablet to project in the classroom and virtually using the in-classroom HDMI cord.

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UCO Unified - Afternoon Session 5-25-2017

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Earthquake Townhall Meeting 2-23-16

Representative Richard Morrissette hosts townhall meeting regarding earthquakes in Oklahoma with keynote speaker Erin Brockovich

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